Lorem Bodies Are Temporary / Data Is Forever
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London Design Biennale
White Flag Exhibition

Commissioned By Triennale Design Museum, 2016
Shown an London Design Biennale, Sommerset House, 2016
Within the Italian Pavillion, curated by Silvana Annichiarico and Giorgio Camuffo and at White Flag, Triennale Milano, 2017

Big Data has become one of the key themes in the debate on representation policies and new technologies. From social networks to fitness apps, through to video games and cookies, GPS navigators and digital television, our data is being gathered and distributed among entities we know nothing about. When all these traces are put together, they make it possible to reconstruct the outer shell of who we are. The total accessibility of our transparent society is reversed in our absolute exposure to surveillance and monitoring devices.

This data infrastructure does not simply accompany our entire existence, but it survives our death: FB Successors are good examples of this phenomena. “Bodies Are Temporary / Data is Forever” raises a white flag in the face of this process. Instead of resisting our digitalisation, the project attempts to speed it up, promoting an aesthetics in which the fragility of our bodies and emotions is sublimated into the eternity of data. An intimate, private and fleeting moment like the embrace between a child – my son – and the mother is thus transfigured by a 3-D scanner, crystalized forever into a sculpture and offered to visitors.