Lorem Distrust Everything
Archive About Flux
4 channels AV Installation
2021 — Ongoing
Premiered at Elevate Festival, Graz
Teaser Video

Written by Lorem and Mirek A Hardiker
Visual Direction by Lorem & Karol Sudolski
Music and Sound Design by Lorem (featuring 1 track with by Acre)
Managing producer Michele Lori

Distrust Everything is based on an immersive projection room (4 x fully projected walls + mirroring floor) and on a quadriphonic PA. The work investigates the relationship between the human and algorithmic unconscious through an intense and perturbing aesthetic experience. Conceived as an AV installation in 4 episodes and developed through artificial intelligence systems and 3D photogrammetries, the work is currently morphing into a multi-platform narrative universe for single and multichannel iterations. (See Mould & Distrust Everything Live set).

Mirek “Amendant” Hardiker, author of Zaum Gadget, cult videogame/maze for Hypercard and former researcher at SRU (Stanford), has built a huge Dream Report Dataset (DRD), covering a time span of about 21 years on a daily basis. His monumental work is the base for the creation of a human-labelled dataset. Neural networks are trained on this dataset to generate a novel — that serves as a script — in which characters seems to come alive and materialize as archetypes from a synthetic underworld. The projects furtherly inspects the strange relationship between emotions and algorithms (already explored in Adversarial Feelings), through the lens of James Hillman’s work on archetypes and oneiric narratives.

Co-commissioned by Elevate Festival (Re-Imagine Europe), Superbudda and Re:Humanism.