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Ruined Sculpture
Umanesimo Artificiale X Electric Artifacts
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Sculptural installation commissioned by Umanesimo Artificiale X Electric Artifacts, in the context of the collective exhibition "Uno, Nessuno, Centomila"

Echoes (of When Bodies were Temporary) is a series of 3D printed artifacts realized with a simple degenerative algorithm (named sandra) that erodes and morphs over time the original data of a scan, gradually losing its footprint nature.

The original data 3D scan titled Bodies Are Temporary, dating back to 2016, depicts a primary emotionally charged albeit fleeting moment between a child and his mother. sandra digitally erases, warps and transplants parts of the original object thus transferring and mirroring a process originally pertaining to the organic into the field of data: a memory that is progressively lost.

On demand printing retrieves crystallizes and make visible specific points in time of this process, actualizing the progressive disrepresentation of memory into a permanent form. The original data scan will be preserved but encrypted making it permanently inaccessible to anyone, comprising the artist, on January 30th, 2022.