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AV Film & Performance
Thorns, Paris

L is a narrative AV performance based on the original homonimous screenplay.

Here the opening of the work:

"Once her eyes accustomed to the light, she found herself outside, in a narrow, unpaved alley, hemmed in by bazaars hawking dried fruits and clay pots. Hooded figures in light garbs bustled by. The scent of spices and exotic foods filled the warm air, and when the winds blew just right, she could hear the distant echo of a litany. She turns back to the door to check the room. She knocks. Silence answers. She has no idea where she is. It was then she saw him. Tucked behind a pot, at the corner, is Neptune, her cat. He stared with his cold, yellow eyes, motionless. She was sure he had been home when she left. She called out to him, but he didn't budge. Just as she is about to approach him, a clatter startles Neptune, who dashes away. Rounding the corner to follow, she almost collides with an eerie Eastern chubby child. Neptune is resting on his shoulder, calm. The boy, clothed only in a simple white linen tunic, met her gaze, smiling. 'Mother! There you are!' he exclaimed. 'Where've you been?' "

She couldn’t form a reply. How did she get here? The boy seemed to notice her disorientation, taking her hand gently.”Worry not, Ma. We must hurry, you need to forge your box. Do you have the earring? You need something from that night, the one under the moon.” Her mind races, lost. “I don’t understand,” she uttered. “Which box? Which earring?” She fumbles in her pocket and, to her astonishment, found Miriam’s earring. It is the one the police had given her when she identified the body. She couldn’t fathom how it got there, but it was a familiar anchor in this bewildering new realm. “Yes, this is it. But…” she is holding up the earring. The boy looks at her with a patient smile: “For now, trust me and follow.”


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