Lorem Lorem & Acre — Mould
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AV Short FIlm
The White Hotel , Manchester

THEE BIRTHA collective screening exhibition.
Curated by H. for Spirit with AV works by: Charlie Osborne, Crystallmess, Jenkin Van Zyl, Lorem & Acre, Phil Colins & Mica, Levi, Ryan Trecartin, Sam Crane, Tai Shani & Maxwell Sterling, VISIO & Rustan Söderling.

“This square I call the light eye. It moves all kinds. It turns on the farthest galaxies.

It is immense. Here, sit and watch.”
The work disfruit the Distrust Everything narrative universe to generate and AV psychedelic and eerie experience, at the edge between sleep and wakefulness. Audio realised with Acre, video directed and realised by Lorem.