Lorem Time Coils
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Recorded, Produced and Mixed by LOREM Drums, vocal, re-amps and were Recorded at Monolith Studio Drum fills and live drums recordings by Michele Marelli Mixed at Monolith Studio Mastered at Tapewave Studio, Milan Raheem 2 by LOREM and Acre Shores by Lorem and Luca Pagan DM - Neverland (LOREM VIP stutter edit) is an excerpt from AV installation Distrust Everything Spooky is a LOREM adaptation from the AV Film “Mould”, by LOREM & Acre The album contains 32 h-links Artwork & layout by Francesco D’Abbraccio Font is Calboni Sans Regular + Mono by Studio Iknoki Hand lettering by Markus Roronoa KP special logo design by Michele Galluzzo

‘Time Coils’ is born from an endless process of resampling, recomposition, and of learning. Each singular track from the album shares subtle connections with their counterparts, in addition to LOREM’s prior projects. The album is imbued with global cultural correspondence and reimagined connections sourced from a wide range of references, inviting the listener on an engaging quest to uncover hidden meaning and secret datasets.

The album is a reflection on the essence of intertextuality, and nudges us towards a transpersonal approach where identity is no longer anchored in originality, but is rather shaped by the myriad of relationships forged with the world around us. The richness of 'Time Coils' can also be credited in part to several of LOREM's longtime collaborators: Manchester-based producer Acre [Tectonics, PAN] and Italian sound artist and researcher Luca Pagan.